''No matter how good a photo is, it can never be impressive without good processing...''

I offer you one on one post processing lessons. In this lesson, we will move step by step, from start to finish.

So what you will learn in this lesson?

- Finding right color tones, separating colors effectively

- Color balance technique

- Advanced contrast control

- Using dodge and burn tool, effective and properly

- Increasing the depth

- Focus stacking (if your photo requires a stacking)

- Making realistic light (if necessary)

- Finding right crop for Instagram

- Saving the photo for Instagram sizes with maximum quality

How are we going to do?

After you contacting me, you need to send me the raw file of your photo. You need have a Skype software, webcam or microphone to communicate correctly.

-If the photo you send me is not sufficient for effective processing, we will choose one of my raw files and process it.


Lightroom Or Camera Raw + Photoshop

Duration / Price:

1 Hour / 50 Usd

'ADVANTAGE PACK 4+1': Order 4 Lessons, Get 1 Lesson Free!'

Important Note: It is strictly forbidden to include a photo edited by me in any competition.

Let's take look at some photo examples of before & after;

'The Cave'
'Hidden Garden'
'Over The Hills'
'In To The Valley'
error: Aytek Çetin Photography