What Are These Lessons Aimed At?

These lessons are aimed at helping you improve in a much shorter time than you would normally learn on your own ... I will help you move forward by sharing my own experience and knowledge. Hobbyist or professional photographer, who wouldn't want to have a better photo?


Portfolio and composition critique

In this lesson, we will review your photos and talk about what is needed to have a better picture;

- Importance of balance of elements in the composition,

- Importance of depth in composition,

- Importance of balance and separation of colors,

And of course we will talk about light and shadow...

Finding Good Location And Shooting Point

I will show you, how to prepare to being in 'Right Place In Right Time' for sunrise, sunset and for the night photography and will demonstrate it using Google Earth.

This workshop will help you to find best shooting points and angles before you go to trip...

That means;

- It will save you from wasting time searching for right place,

- You will be guarantee your views,

And you will be not leave your destiny to luck :)

Shooting Techniques

We can talk about all the shooting techniques like;

-Focus stacking,

-Sunrise, sunset, night photography,

-Exposure blending ,

-Focal blending,

-Time blending

Or you can ask anything about landscape photography...

''You will learn the 'tips and tricks' for improving your photograhy...''

Duration / Price:

1 Hour / 50 Usd



'ADVANTAGE PACK 4+1': Order 4 Lessons, Get 1 Lesson Free!'

Please fill the contact form for the reservation with explaining which subject you want to talk about / course time / number of lessons. I will get back to you asap.

What Are The Programs And Equipment That I Should Have For The Lesson?
We are doing this course online, using the free Skype program, so you have to download the program first. It is enough to have a webcam and microphone for the necessary communication.
How We Are Going To Do?
After contacting me, we will set a suitable date and start our lesson.
Can I Record The Screen?
You can record the screen during the lesson and watch it again later whenever you want (it is strictly forbidden to reproduce, distribute and use it for commercial profit).
Can I Include This Course In The 4 + 1 Advantage Campaign In The Photoshop Course?
Of course, when you buy the 4 + 1 Advantage Pack, you can choose both courses; You can choose 2 'Photoshop' Lessons + 2 'Improve Your Photography' Lessons. With this package, you will receive your 5th lesson for free.
Can I Make Changes Later In The Course Date?
Of course, we can change the course date, if there is an important issue, you can inform me, we can set a common date again and postpone the course.


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